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December 2012 "Sourced in the USA"
November 2012 featuring Kristin

September 2012 featuring The Grapeseed Co.

September 2012
"Finding Your Niche in Natural" Kristin spoke at In-Cosmetics Barcelona 2012 on this topic

June 2012 Grapeseed Co. Opens Second Store

January 2012 featuring our Vanilla Almond Cinnamon Scrub

April/May 2011 featuring The Grapeseed Co. scent bar

February 2011 The Grapeseed Co. Opens Store in Downtown Santa Barbara

December 2010 "Toast to Bubbly's Big Benefits"

Nov 21, 2010 Sunday Image Section: California, a Cornocopia of Natural Beauty Products

Fall/Winter 2010 "Local Specialties" featuring Wine Bar organic soap & the store

Sept 2010 805 Living Magazine: "The Beauty Bounty" featuring Kristin & Grapeseed Co.

August 2010 The Beauty School Drop-In: Kristin Cotte to open Grapeseed Co. retail location downtown

Dec 2009 "Champagne Infused Beauty Products"

We're proud to be the only product in the article that actually uses champagne as an ingredient!

August 2009 "The Beauty of Wine"
April 2009 "Lip Lovers" by Kristin Fraser Cotte

Spring/Summer 2009 "Beauty Without Toxins"

December 2008 "Made in California's Bounty"

February 2008 "What's Hot: Grapes are Great"

November 2008 "Grape Expectations"

January 2008 "What's Hot: The Grapeseed Co."

Fall/Winter 2007 "The Grapes of Bath"

The Grapeseed Co. Sprouts Organically and Continues to Flourish February 2011

Santa Barbara Independent: The Grapeseed Co. New Carrillo Street Store Offers Vinotherapy Products
From Grape Seeds come Beauty- and a Business

Chamomile Grapefruit Moisturizer

A Drink to Your Face

Experience "vinotherapy" with organic skincare

Kristin Fraser Cotte: The Grapeseed Co.
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Soak in Wine? It's Vinotherapy

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Pink Grapefruit Ginger Grapeseed & Sugar Scrub

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Tampa Bay Mix 100.7 Beauty School Wednesday: The Grapeseed Co. Gifts for Dads 2008 Gift Guide: Mojito Man Organic Skin & Shave Care

Dirty Dog

Grapeseed Co. Organic Shaving

ZRecs The 2008 Tranquil Parent Gift Guide: Mojito Man Shaving Kit

Mas Mojitos Por Omar!

LA Splash Magazine Pet Holiday Gift Guide below $20: Dirty Dog Organics

The Grapeseed Company

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Mojito Man Skin & Shave for Men

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Organic & Natural Personal Care New Organic Skincare from Wine

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The Grapeseed Company to Open First Retail Location
Dirty Dog Organics 100% Paraben & Sulfate Free Pet Care
Mojito Man Organic Skin & Shave Care for Men
New Organic Skin Care Made From the Byproduct of Wine Making