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LBSPF2   *NEW* almond cream SPF 15 lip balm
GBbliss   *new* bath bliss gift basket
7438   *new* blemish buster toner 4.4oz
7445   *new* Cali Harvest Serum
sunstick   *NEW* cali sun SPF 30 sun stick
LBSPF1   *NEW* coconut SPF 15 lip balm
candle   *new* create your own scented soy massage candle
selfscentWBB   *new* create your own whipped body butter
GBlux   *new* daily luxuries gift basket
pupscreen   *NEW* Dirty Dog Organics SPF 30 pupscreen
LBSPF3   *NEW* sweet lips SPF 15 lip balm
tbbt   *new* travel blemish buster toner
vrgp   *new* vineyard rose glycolic peel
TT4   100% natural grapeseed & soy candle travel tin
5168   100% pure grapeseed oil 4.4oz
VCP10   10oz vino crush face + body polish
SC11   11oz glass gift jar soy massage candle
vlsalt12   12oz vino lux bath salts
VLco2   2.2oz vino lux vine nails cuticle oil
RBM2   2oz travel grapeseed room & body mist
BMOTS   2oz travel size bath & massage oil
MMistTS   2oz travel size mojito man moisture mist
VCP3   3oz vino crush face + body polish
BL4   4.4oz grapeseed body lotion
RBM4   4oz grapeseed room & body mist
BL8   8.8oz grapeseed body lotion
VLL8   8.8oz vino lux lotion
RBM8   8oz grapeseed room & body mist
VLbpt9   9.5oz honey tangerine vino lux pre-tan scrub
VLbs9   9.5oz vino lux scrub
babyw4   baby g gentle body wash 4.4oz
babyw9   baby g gentle body wash 9oz
babyset   baby g gift set
babyl4   baby g luscious lotion 4.4oz
babyl9   baby g luscious lotion 9oz
partybalnc   balance due for your SCENT BAR PARTY
bal   balancedue
BMO48   bath & massage oil ~ 4oz & 8oz
sscoop   bath salt wooden scoop
BBalm2   belly balm whipped body butter
bbfacialkit   blemish buster vinotherapy facial kit
loofbody   body loofah mitt
ccfacialkit   cali coco cabernet facial kit
5145   cali vine decadently rich face cream
caldream   California Dreamin' Night Time Vinotherapy Gift Pouch
cset   candle + scrub set
5144   chamomile grapefruit moisturizer
5032   coco cabernet custom vinotherapy mask» for face & body 16oz
5025   coco cabernet custom vinotherapy mask» gift box
loof   complexion fine grain facial loofah
ssoil   create your own bath & massage oil
sswash   create your own hand & body wash
sslotion   create your own lotion
perfume   create your own perfume
reed   create your own reed diffuser
ssmist   create your own room & body mist
1CF   custom formulation
custom2   custom gift packaging
custom1   custom labels
CVM16   custom vinotherapy mask» for face & body 16oz
CVM4   custom vinotherapy mask» gift box
CVM-S   custom vinotherapy mask» sampler
LOTMI4   daily delights vino lotion + mist set
wedding1   DeLyn Jewelry Custom order
party   deposit for your SCENT BAR PARTY
DDOfresh   Dirty Dog Freshen Up Set
DDO16   Dirty Dog Organics dog wash 16oz
DDOW4   Dirty Dog Organics dog wash 4oz
DDOW8   Dirty Dog Organics dog wash 8oz
DDOff2   Dirty Dog Organics fur freshener 2oz
DDOff4   Dirty Dog Organics fur freshener 4oz
DDOtote   Dirty Dog Organics gift tote
DDObalm   Dirty Dog Organics itch & ouch balm
DDOgplg   Dirty Dog Organics large paw pack
DDOgpsm   Dirty Dog Organics small paw pack
dreyebox   Divine Relaxation Eye Gift Box
GBsampler   eco sampler basket
wedding   Ellie deposit: lotion & lip balm
eyechill   eye gel chiller mask
fmfb   facial mask fan brush
GB4fav   four favorites gift basket
BSfch   fresh cut herbs grape seed & sugar body scrub
VLbs1G   gallon backbar vino lux scrub
bag   gift bag wrap
GFT1   gift certificate
TSS   gimmie 5! single use sample packs
GBgal   grapeseed gal gift box
GBkit   grapeseed gift box kit
glow   grapeseed glow organic value set
BW8   grapeseed hand & body wash
GBasket   grapeseed large bark gift basket kit
goss   grapeseed organic starter set
gofcs   grapeseed organic vinotherapy facial care set
Gss   grapeseed shower set
tgscte   grapeseed skin care essentials travel set
Gspabag   Grapeseed Spa Felt Gift Bag
5120   green tea & grapes creme cleanser
seassoapfall1   Harvest Cider Santa Barbara Seasonal Soap
WBS   harvest crush syrah wine bar organic soap
LBhl   hot lips
ducksetL   large baby g ducky felt gift bag
5137   lavender & rose toner
laveye   lavender bud eye pillow
5168LT   Lavender infused grapeseed oil 2.2oz
7285   Lavender infused grapeseed oil 4.4oz
BSlc   lemon cake sugar body scrub
ppscs   limited edition Pumpkin Pie Soap & Candle Set
sunpack   limited edition Sun Care Pack
BBalm2lav   luscious lavender body & belly balm
lavsac   luscious lavender sachet
mosampler   Massage Oil Sampler Gift Pouch
netscrub   mesh net body scrubber
netsponge   mesh net body sponge
mmmTS   mini mojito man travel gift set
mmab   mojito man aftershave balm
mmDE   mojito man daily essentials
MMBW   mojito man face & body wash
mmOSS   mojito man organic shave set
mojitopack   Mojito Man Soap & Shave Gel travel pack
MMmm   mojito man» moisture mist
MSsp   mojito man» scrub & shaving prep
MM8SG   mojito man» shave gel
WBH   natural wood soap holder
FO   phthalate free fragrance oils
pig   piglet stuffed animal sponge
WBPC   pink champagne wine bar organic soap
BSpg   pink grapefruit ginger grape seed & sugar body scrub
WBPD   pinot dreams wine bar organic soap
pbs   pinotherapy» bath salts
Gpbt   pinotherapy» bath tower
seassoapwin1   Pomegranate Fig & Peppermint Bark Santa Barbara Seasonal Soap
emmys   Primetime Emmy's 2013 GBK Gift Lounge Set
PLoil   private label gal massage oil: HILO Massage Clinic
PUMP8   pump + 8 labels
seassoapfall2   Pumpkin Pie Santa Barbara Seasonal Soap
WBGS   red & white wine bar gift set
reedfill   refill kit for the create your own reed diffuser
5152   resroli serum for acne, scars & sun damaged skin
5151   rose & grape serum for normal to dry skin
ssoapset   Santa Barbara seasonal soap set
sbhgbag   SB Hotel Group Soap + Lip Balm Bags
GBsad   scrub-a-dub sampler
LBseasonal1   seasonal lip balm tubes
flat rate   shipping due: flat rate
FRCR   shipping: USPS FPO #4234
EOsig   signature steam distilled essential oils
ducksetS   small baby g ducky felt gift bag
WBSB   spa'vignon blanc» wine bar organic soap
EO   steam distilled essential oils
WBC   summer crisp chardonnay wine bar organic soap
BSsd   sunshine day sugar body scrub
pedi   surf 4 in 1 pedicure tool
FSs   surf sea salt foot scrub
LBsl   sweet lips
GBsole   the sole surfer» pedicure kit
tgso   travel 100% pure grapeseed oil
BS2TS   travel 2oz scrub
5199T   travel 2oz vino gel foaming cleanser
tcgm   travel chamomile grapefruit moisturizer
tgtgc   travel green tea & grapes creme cleanser
tlrt   travel lavender & rose toner
mmsgTS   travel mojito man shave gel
tsd   travel serum duo
5151t   travel serums: rose & grape or resroli
WBT   travel wine bar organic soaps
TSAkit   TSA approved custom travel kit
BSvac   vanilla almond cinnamon sugar body scrub
5148   Vine Eyes anti aging eye cream with eyebright
vtcond   vine thairapy conditioner
vtset   vine thairapy hair care set
vtshamp   vine thairapy shampoo
vttravset   vine thairapy travel hair care set
vrfacialkit   vineyard rose antiaging facial kit
5018   vineyard rose custom vinotherapy mask for face & body 16oz
5001   vineyard rose custom vinotherapy mask» gift box
5199   vino gel foaming cleanser
7452   VINO LUX hair oil
vlvsb   vino lux vineyard spa basket
GBVlux   vinotherapy deluxe bath & body basket
GBVher   vinotherapy for her gift basket
GBVhim   vinotherapy for him gift basket
11PL   WFM planogram samples Jan 2014
BBtrio   whipped body butter trio
BB   whipped grapeseed & shea body butter
WBBgs   wine bar & butter gift set
soapsampler   wine soap sampler gift pouch
bodybr   wool body brush

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