Create your Own Sanitizing Spritz for Hands & Surfaces

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Create Your Own Sanitizing Spritz for Hands & Surfaces Like everything lately, the rules have changed and we are now able to manufacture a problem solver for when you can't wash your hands... Hand & Surface Sanitizing Spritz! The scents are amazing, and the sizes are convenient to keep on hand for door handles, car, and more.

I dedicate this product to our 3 stores in Santa Barbara County, which we are struggling to keep open after over a month of closed doors. Here's to keeping our community healthy, and our 3 shops alive during the COVID-19 crisis!

Select your own scent combo above, and enjoy staying safe and clean in the time of Corona.

4.4oz PET recyclable bottle with spray top


USE: spritz on surface or hands and wipe well with a paper towel. If you choose a cloth towel, wash after each use.


active ingredient: 70% isopropyl alcohol


ingredients: distilled water, glycerin, essential oil blend