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travel g | organic grapeseed goodness packed up in cute, convenient carry-on approved minis!
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hot lips
Our Price: $5.99

A delicious lip plumping balm containing a rich blend of butters and oils.
sweet lips
Our Price: $5.99

A delicious minty sweet lip balm containing a rich blend of butters and oils.
100% natural grapeseed & soy candle travel tin
Our Price: $10.00

The Grapeseed Company hand pours our non-GMO soy candles and packages them for your travels!
complexion fine grain facial loofah
Our Price: $3.00

Works fabulously with our Cleansers for a skin nourishing exfoliation treatment.
custom vinotherapy mask» sampler
Our Price: $18.00

We've put together a cute little package to sample all 3 custom vinotherapy masks: You'll receive a pouch of vineyard rose, coco cabernet, and lavender masks, plus the benefits of a perfect, spa quality application with the professional fan brush.
travel 2oz scrub
Our Price: $6.99

Exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse in one simple step with our signature sugar & grapeseed body scrubs, packed for your travels!
mini mojito man travel gift set
Our Price: $32.00

four organic mini mojito man favorites perfect for any guy on the go@ shave gel, prep scrub, moisture mist, aftershave balm
2oz travel size bath & massage oil
Our Price: $6.99

a handy 2oz travel size massage oil in our signature essential oil blends to take with you on the road
2oz travel size mojito man moisture mist
Our Price: $6.99

A mild organic after shave mist perfect for light moisturizing, toning, and preventing ingrown hairs on your travels!
travel mojito man shave gel
Our Price: $6.00

Guy or gal, your skin will be sleek & smooth after this gel meets your razor, wherever your travels take you!
gimmie 5! single use sample packs
Our Price: $10.00

pick 5 products for your single use sample pack
travel wine bar organic soaps
Our Price: $4.95

Cut down the bulkiness of multiple products when you travel and pack one of these solid wonder bar soaps for all your cleansing needs!
travel green tea & grapes creme cleanser
Our Price: $10.00

The gentle, non-foaming fragrance-free formula is enhanced with antioxidant rich organic green tea, grapes, damask rose and vitamins to bring out your natural glow.
travel lavender & rose toner
Our Price: $9.00

Our lavender rose toner is the perfect refreshing complexion pick me up to pack in your carry on!
travel chamomile grapefruit moisturizer
Our Price: $10.00

A daily moisturizer that plumps skin with botanical nutrients and age-fighting grapeseed to hydrate, balance and brighten your complexion.
travel 100% pure grapeseed oil
Our Price: $9.00

This indulgent travel size oil may be used in facial care, body or massage oil, on scars or scrapes. Excellent as both a moisturizer and make-up remover, ideal for all skin types.
grapeseed skin care essentials travel set
Our Price: $36.95

This chic, convenient kit contains everything you need to tend to your complexion on the road.
California Dreamin' Night Time Vinotherapy Gift Pouch
Our Price: $54.00

Our California Dreamin' kit wraps up the best of organic night time vinotherapy body & skincare products in an eco-friendly pouch, ready to gift!
wine soap sampler gift pouch
Our Price: $25.99

This adorable (and affordable!) gift set will be appreciated by everyone! Our unique wine bar organic soaps are safe to use on both your face and body and contain the powerful antioxidant, resveratrol. You'll receive 3 top selling wine soaps in syrah, chardonnay and spa'vignon blanc, wrapped up with a wooden dish in a natural fiber travel gift pouch.
Massage Oil Sampler Gift Pouch
Our Price: $34.00

Your choice of FIVE of our scrumptious vinotherapy bath & massage oils! The nourishing grapeseed oil blend is rich in antioxidants, absorbs quickly into all skin types, and is 100% natural.
Mojito Man Soap & Shave Gel travel pack
Our Price: $12.00

For the guy who likes to travel light! 2oz mojito man shave gel and travel size spa'vignon blanc wine soap gift bag
travel serums: rose & grape or resroli
Our Price: $18.00

Indulge in your favorite luxurious organic 100% plant derived serum to feed your delicate facial skin, now available in travel size!
travel serum duo
Our Price: $34.00

a sweet lace gift bag filled with your favorite best-selling grapeseed serums to pamper and feed your skin
TSA approved custom travel kit
Our Price: $9.95

fill with your own lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, face cream and more!
3oz vino crush face + body polish
Our Price: $16.00

Exfoliate, purify and cleanse with this delicious 3oz Vino Crush Face + Body Polish, made with fresh wine country ingredients.
seasonal lip balm tubes
Our Price: $4.99

A limited edition organic lip balm that changes each season; tinted and clear options.
*NEW* cali sun SPF 30 sun stick
Our Price: $12.99

Our new Cali Sun SPF 30 Sunstick is an unscented formula for use anywhere you need SPF 30 protection from the sun.

*NEW* almond cream SPF 15 lip balm
Our Price: $6.00

Try our new yummy almond cream nourishing lip balm with SPF 15 and delicious natural based flavor!
*NEW* coconut SPF 15 lip balm
Our Price: $6.00

Try our new yummy, nourishing lip balm with SPF 15 with a delicious natural coconut flavor.
Lavender infused grapeseed oil 2.2oz
Our Price: $10.00

lavender infused 100% pure grape seed oil is a daily indulgence that may be used in facial care, body or massage oil, on scars or scrapes. Excellent make-up remover and shaving oil perfect for all skin types.
limited edition Sun Care Pack
Our Price: $29.95

Our new Cali Sun SPF 30 Sunstick is an unscented formula for use anywhere you need SPF 30 protection from the sun.
vine thairapy travel hair care set
Our Price: $5.50

Enjoy our travel vinothairapy shampoo & conditioner with aloe, grapeseed & rosehip in a sheer fabric reusable gift bag
2oz travel grapeseed room & body mist
Our Price: $6.99

Pick your favorite Grapeseed Co. signature essential oil blend and use this aromatherapy mist as an air freshener, linen spray or light body fragrance.

travel 2oz vino gel foaming cleanser
Our Price: $11.00

Wash away makeup & grime with our new anti-aging, resveratrol infused foaming gel cleanser. This unique formula contains vitamin rich organic pinot noir grape seeds which contains natural antioxidants and give the cleansing gel a natural, wine colored hue. Now available in travel size!
Primetime Emmy's 2013 GBK Gift Lounge Set
Our Price: $35.00

get the very same limited edition vinotherapy skin set gifted at the 2013 primetime Emmy's GBK gift lounge
eye gel chiller mask
Our Price: $6.95

This handy spa accessory will come in handy when you wake up with puffy eyes. Keep the gel mask in your freezer so it's ready to go in a spa emergency!
lavender bud eye pillow
Our Price: $12.00

This relaxing lavender eye pillow mask is filled with the same spa quality lavender we use in our products, and handmade, in-house from soft recycled quilt scraps.
Santa Barbara seasonal soap set
Our Price: $15.00

this perfect for anyone, superbly priced gift set includes a limited edition organic Santa Barbara seasonal soap, a travel size vine thairapy shampoo, mesh bath pouf and woven gift bag.
*new* travel blemish buster toner
Our Price: $9.00

bring your travel blemish buster toner to purify and disinfect problematic skin on the go with organic botanicals.
*NEW* sweet lips SPF 15 lip balm
Our Price: $6.00

Try our new SPF 15 sweet lips! Enjoy our yummy, nourishing lip balm in our best selling flavor.
*NEW* Dirty Dog Organics SPF 30 pupscreen
Our Price: $12.99

Dirty Dog Organics SPF 30 Pupscreen is an unscented formula for use anywhere your pup may need protection from the sun!

luscious lavender sachet
Our Price: $4.00

The lovely relaxing smell of lavender, dried in a sheer fabric sachet to enjoy!