Why grapeseeds?
The Grapeseed Company's beauty products feature local red grape seeds, a natural byproduct of the wine making process. Usually thrown away after harvest and crush, the antioxidant rich grape seeds and skins are recycled and have a second life as the key ingredient in our unique, effective skin & bath products. Grape seeds are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and resveratrol
, a powerful polyphenol that has been linked to cancer prevention and anti-aging treatments in medical research. Grape seeds help fight free radical damage, the signs of aging, and nourish skin exposed to natural elements. Applied topically, grape seed oil is known for it’s light, nutrient rich composition; an ideal choice for all skin types.

What does it mean to use "certified organic ingredients"?

The Certified Organic ingredients used in our formulations are grown without chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. The Grapeseed Company’s products contain 70% to 90% certified organic ingredients. Certified Organic Ingredients have been evaluated by an organic certification agency that examines growing conditions and final product.

If your products are 70-90% organic, what’s the other 10-30%? 
The simple answer is natural ingredients that are either not available organically or locally sourced ingredients that are grown organically, but not "certified organic". Some of our locally grown ingredients include:
honey, grape seeds, wine extract, and we even grow some of our own lavender! All other ingredients are either naturally derived or used as less than 1% in the formulation and are needed to preserve the product. We believe in full disclosure on ingredients, and list everything on our product labels and website so you can make an informed choice before purchasing. All oils are naturally expeller-pressed instead of solvent extracted. All colors come from the natural ingredients; there are no artificial additives or "filler" ingredients.

What’s the shelf life?
The Grapeseed Company products are freshest when used within 12-18 months. You will find a container symbol on most product labels with a number inside (example: 12m) showing the number of months the product should be used in. The dark blue and amber packaging was selected specifically to work with the essential oils and preservative system by blocking light and keeping the ingredients fresh. Products will stay fresh longer if water is kept out of the container.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
Yes, not only is our packaging attractive, it is 100% recyclable PET plastic or reusable glass. Our gift boxes are made from recycled materials and can be re-used or recycled. The gift bags and soap bags can be re-used as gift packaging and are great for travel.

What is a natural fragrance?
Natural fragrances come from essential oils, fruit and plant essences. Many cosmetic products use fragrance oils or perfumes, which can irritate sensitive skin and noses. Fragrance oils are synthetic chemicals formulated to make an odor. The Grapeseed Co. uses only natural fragrances and is know for their signature scents: blends of botanically derived fruit and plant oils with added aromatherapy benefits. Please see scent descriptions for further info.

Do you test on animals?
The Grapeseed Company is part of PETAs Caring Consumer Program. We have a team of willing and able human participants that eagerly test our products. The exception is our Dirty Dog Organics line, which for obvious reasons is tested on dogs.