Essential Oil Bare Necessities Set

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Four essential oil favorites with a wide variety of uses and wonderful aromas. Mix, match and enjoy these premium quality, 100% steam distilled essential oils in an oil burner, bath & body preparations, aromatherapy and more!

Orange: sweet citrus scent | energizing and uplifting | a variety of uses from mood lifter to removing grime
Tea Tree: herbacious scent | antibacterial & antifungal properties | known to aide acne, athlete's foot & insect bites
Lavender: herbal floral scent | calming & relaxing | an antiseptic known to help burns, cuts, scrapes & calm nerves
Eucalyptus: woody medicinal scent | clearing and calming | known to help breathing & respiratory issues

Our essential oils are natural scents that are steam distilled from plants, fruits and flowers. All oils are 100% concentration (unless noted otherwise). The 10ml amber glass bottles are double the size of mainstream EOs available (which are just 5ml) and offer fabulous quality at an affordable price. Since we buy oils in bulk to create all of the amazing signature scents for our product lines and scent bar, we're able to pass the savings on to you! The prices speak for themselves, enjoy!


  • 10 ml amber glass bottle with dropper cap + safety seal

  • recyclable packaging

USE: The only essential oil recommended for direct use on skin is lavender, neroli is fine as well since it is a 5% concentration in jojoba. All other essential oils need to be diluted for use on skin. May be used in aromatherapeutic practices such as massage (after dilution) & oil burners (in concentration), etc.

INGREDIENTS: steam distilled plant, fruit, or flower of your choice; neroli is a 5% concentration in a jojoba base, it smells very strong like a straight EO, but may be used directly on skin due to dilution

*certified organic ingredients