Essential Oil Bare Necessities Set

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Four essential oil favorites with a wide variety of uses and wonderful aromas. Mix, match and enjoy these premium quality, 100% steam distilled essential oils in an oil burner, bath & body preparations, aromatherapy and more!

Orange: sweet citrus scent | energizing and uplifting | a variety of uses from mood lifter to removing grime

Tea Tree: herbacious scent | antibacterial & antifungal properties | known to aide acne, athlete's foot & insect bites

Lavender: herbal floral scent | calming & relaxing | an antiseptic known to help burns, cuts, scrapes & calm nerves

Eucalyptus: woody medicinal scent | clearing and calming | known to help breathing & respiratory issues


  • 10 ml amber glass bottle with dropper cap + safety seal

  • recyclable packaging

USE: The only essential oil recommended for direct use on skin is lavender, neroli is fine as well since it is a 5% concentration in jojoba. All other essential oils need to be diluted for use on skin. May be used in aromatherapeutic practices such as massage (after dilution) & oil burners (in concentration), etc.

INGREDIENTS: steam distilled plant, fruit, or flower of your choice; neroli is a 5% concentration in a jojoba base, it smells very strong like a straight EO, but may be used directly on skin due to dilution

***Our steam-distilled essential oils have a wide variety of uses, and can be diffused and/or blended as you desire. All essential oils should be blended with a carrier oil if applied topically to the skin. Essential oils should not be ingested.***