The spark behind The Grapeseed Company began when Kristin moved to Santa Barbara, California after a two-year adventure sailing from Boston to the Caribbean. Living off solar power, fishing for food, and rationing the fresh water supply, she gained a deeper respect for treading lightly on our planet. sailbootsquare2.jpg

In her travels, Kristin discovered the benefits of natural oils and plants being used by local islanders. During the ocean passages, she studied herbs, essential oils and the craft of making natural skin care products. At times it was challenging to get to stores, so she began making products for personal use on the boat. 

 When the sailing adventure came to an end, Kristin settled ashore in Santa Barbara. After falling in love with wine country, she began experimenting with the benefits of grapeseeds and creating formulas. 

In 2004 she launched The Grapeseed Company, creating the first vinotherapy line upcycled from the byproduct of the California wine industry.

kristin-in-wine-country.jpgKristin started selling her wine based scrubs, oils and lip balms to friends, online and at the local Sunday Beach Market while she was teaching elementary school in nearby Goleta, CA...  

Today, The Grapeseed Co. has grown to create over 100 vinotherapy skin, hair, bath & body products utilizing fresh, local ingredients and is known for custom scent bar and niche in the beauty industry. Grapeseed products are distributed to some of the most exclusive spas and resorts around the world, as well as hundreds of specialty shops, wineries and select retailers.

The Grapeseed Team owns and operates Seaside Makers, two interactive shops that bring the best local artisans and small businesses together in one amazing experience. They are home to the Grapeseed Co. interactive Scent Bar in the heart of State St. in downtown Santa Barbara and Carpinteria, California. Stop by and visit us if you are cruising the California Coast!


• We are proud to be a member of PETA's Caring Consumer Program •

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