Dirty Dog Organics Itch & Ouch Balm

3.00 LBS
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This 100% natural balm can be applied for a variety of itches and ouches. Perfect on sore paw pads, hot spots, insect bites and any other sore spot. Made with a healing essential oil blend that repels bugs, and is "lick friendly" if fido likes to self-soothe!


  • recyclable PET jars

  • paraben, phthalate & sulfate free

  • ph balanced for animal skin

  • soothing essential oil blend naturally repels insects

  • manufactured and distributed by The Grapeseed Co.

USE: rub a small amount on affected area as needed

INGREDIENTS: butyrospermum parkii(shea*) butter, cocos nucifera(coconut*)oil, beeswax, carthamus tinctorius(safflower*)oil, azadriachta indica(neem)oil, calendula flower extract*, essential oils of: lavender, sweet orange, pepper- mint, cedarwood

*certified organic ingredients