Gallon Dirty Dog Organics Fur Freshener

7.00 LBS
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Does your pup have DO (that's doggy odor, folks)? No time for a bath? A few spritzes of fur freshener will leave your dog's coat shiny and fresh! Pure essential oils of locally grown lavender, rosemary and mint are blended with organic aloe and sweet almond oil to soothe and condition the coat. Now available in gallon sizing for pet spas and for our wholesale stockists who would like to offer a refill program!


  • 1 gallon /128oz

  • paraben & sulfate free

  • ph balanced for animal skin

  • helps combat dander

  • manufactured and distributed by The Grapeseed Co.

USE: spray on dry fur avoiding eyes, follow by brushing fur for even distribution and shine. best when used with Dirty Dog Organics pet wash.

INGREDIENTS: organic aloe juice, organic lavender distillate, witch hazel, organic sweet almond oil, polysorbate, phenoxyethenol, essential oils, tetrasodium EDTA, citric acid