Hand-blended botanical scents & essential oil blends










What makes our scents different?

Steam Distilled Essential Oil & Plant Essence Blends

Grapeseed Co. scents are blends of essential oils straight from the source. They grow out of the earth and are extracted by steam distillation for preparation in our delicious fragrances. This process also delivers potent aromatherapy benefits to our products. 


Grapeseed Co. Signature Scents

fresh cut herbs | lavender, rosemary & mints mingle creating a fresh spa blend to relax and clarify                  
sunshine day | sweet, juicy orange & vanilla intertwine creating a nourishing blend great for evening skin tone, scars & improving stretch marks           
surf | one whiff will take you to the beach... notes of fresh lime, coconut and clean, sweet mint                            

vanilla almond cinnamon | a comforting jumble of delicious scents that smell good enough to eat, formulated to purify the senses, promote circulation and deep relaxation              
pink grapefruit ginger | a dose of fresh and juicy grapefruit mixed with ginger, known in ancient times as an aphrodisiac, warms the senses & soothes the soul!                
mojito man 
| fresh mint combined with citrusy lime plus tea tree creates a clarifying, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial experience

Grapeseed Co. Vineyard Blends

rosevine | true, natural rose with a hint of crisp citrus and earthy rose geranium, like fragrant air at a rose-lined vineyard  
harvest crush syrah | luscious lavender meets marzipan in this rich aroma    

summer crisp chardonnay | clean, airy citrus notes with sweet blossoms of bergamot & litsea

spa'vignon blanc | unscented, 100% fragrance & essential oil free

champagne | a complexion-loving bubbly blend of blood orange, rose geranium & carrot seed with natural champagne scent     

pinot dreams | lush floral notes from a field of dreamy lavender with a hint of orange blossom 


Local Love Blends

Montecito Majestic | inspired by the beautiful flora that blooms here: lotus, neroli, rose & hibiscus

Carpinteria Seaside | water orchid & sea salt breeze create a clean, ocean inspired scent

Los Olivos Lavender | fresh lavender with a hint of lemon

Santa Barbara Sunshine | a smell that makes you smile! Citrus blossom & coconut


Create Your Own
Visit our virtual scent bar to create your own blend from over 70 essential oils (EO) and phthalate free fragrance oils (FO). Custom scent options in stock:
almond 100% natural FO
amyris sandalwood EO
atlas cedar EO
bamboo FO
basil EO
bay rum FO
beach house FO
bergamot EO
blood orange EO
buttercream FO
cherry blossom FO
chocolate FO
clary sage EO
clean laundry FO
cocoa creme brule FO
coconut cream FO
coconut FO
cranberry FO
cucumber 100% natural FO
eucalyptus EO
fir needle EO
frangiapani FO
fresh melon FO
fresia FO
gardenia FO
goji berry bliss FO
hawaiian pikake FO
honey 100% natural FO
honey ginger fig FO
jasmine FO
juicy apple FO
key lime EO
lavender EO
lemon curd FO
lemon EO
lemongrass EO
lilac FO
lime EO
liquid sunshine FO
litsea EO
mango FO
misty rain FO
neroli (orange blossom) EO
ocean rain FO
orange EO
patchouli EO
peach bellini FO
peppermint EO
pimento leaf EO
pink grapefruit EO
plumeria FO
pomegranate FO
raspberry FO
red mandarin EO
rose EO
rose garden FO
rosemary EO
sandalwood FO
spearmint EO
summer honeydew FO
sunset amber FO
sweet berries 100% natural FO
sweet birch EO
sweet pear FO
tahitian vanilla FO
tangerine EO
tea tree EO
thyme EO
tranquil tropics FO
tuberose FO
valerian root EO
vanilla bean FO
vanilla EO
verbena EO
vertiver EO
waterfall FO
wintermint EO
wisteria FO
ylang ylang EO