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Lavender Infused 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil has a delicate, herbaceous scent from infusing it with actual dried lavender buds. 100% pure, expeller-pressed grapeseed oil is created from grape pomace, or the seeds and skins leftover after pressing grapes, a natural byproduct of the wine making process. This ecologically sound oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins E, C, A, and natural polyphenols such as resveratrol. These beneficial characteristics of grape seeds are known to fight free radical damage, the signs of aging, and moisturize skin exposed to natural elements. Natural polyphenols have been linked to cancer prevention and anti-aging treatments in medical research. When applied topically, grapeseed oil is revered for it's light, nutrient rich composition and quick absorption, making it an ideal choice for hydrating all skin types.

The perfect multi-use choice for travel: great in facial care, body care, as massage or shaving oil, as well as on scars or scrapes, plus makes an excellent natural makeup remover!

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  • 100% natural expeller pressed ingredients
  • TSA approved 2.2 fl. oz recyclable cobalt PET packaging
  • made with love in CA

USE: Apply as needed to clean skin. May be used in facial care, body care, as shaving or massage oil, and on scars or scrapes. Excellent makeup remover, just apply and wipe with tissue.

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure expeller-pressed grape seed oil, lavender buds, vitamin e

paraben and gluten free


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